A concrete example of what piperka.net does

Most of Piperka's functionality requires that you have registered as a user. Otherwise it works just as a simple web comics list. The help page details the features available, but here's a more concrete example of it.

Setting a bookmark

For example's sake, let's assume that you have subscribed to The War of Winds. You might have this in your updates page.

Updated comics

When you click on that link you'll be redirected to the comic's own archives on the page that you last read (in this case that is http://warofwinds.com/comic.php?comic_id=249). Then, after reading 162 pages you decide to stop reading for now. You can copy the URL of the archive page (in this case http://warofwinds.com/comic.php?comic_id=411) and paste it to the "Set bookmark" box on the updates page.

Set bookmark


Then, after setting the bookmark, your updates page will look like this.

Updated comics

You'll see that the link is ready again for use, remembering where you left off. Next time you use it it will show you the comic page that comes next from the comic page you set your bookmark to previously. That is, you won't see the same page twice (unless you override that behaviour and tell it to set the bookmark on the same page).

You can use this bookmark when on a comic's archive page to directly set the bookmark on Piperka and skip copying and pasting the URL on the updates.html page.

Checking for updates

As a further example, let's assume that you are up to date with reading the same comic. It won't show up in your updates list (since there are none), but let's say that you'll go to a vacation for a week or so, to a location that has no net access.

Then, after checking the updates page again, you'll find this.

Updated comics

Clicking that link will take you to the third newest archive page (right now that would be http://warofwinds.com/comic.php?comic_id=449 ). If you check the updates page again you'll see that The War of Winds is no longer listed in there. You are still subscribed to it (you can check that from the browse or the profile page), it just set your bookmark on that comic automatically to the comic page next to the current one. The link will appear again when the comic updates and new pages are available.

Again, you can override that behaviour and tell Piperka to not move the bookmarks on its own.

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