Piperka blog

Piperka has a blog now

Hello and welcome to Piperka's blog. I expect that most of you who read this are Piperka's users or otherwise familiar with it. In short, Piperka is a web based webcomic tracking and bookmarking service. You can get a better idea about what it does on the main site. I've felt for a long time that I should make the things happening behind the scenes less opaque, and that Piperka's development has been too slow. I'm hoping that this blog helps with both.

I plan to use it to tell about site updates such as planned and, hopefully, new and implemented features. If you have anything you would like to ask me about Piperka, feel free to and I may tell about it here.

As it stands, Piperka is pretty much a one man effort, one that's employed to do things that are not Piperka, to boot. The crack team of perl monkeys that the comic submission form refers to doesn't really exist. I don't intend to talk about myself all that much, but some of that might be unavoidable. Mostly I'm mentioning this as a way of explaining the first-person narrative in this blog. I don't want to hide behind some amorphous Piperka identity.

You can follow the blog via the RSS feed or with Piperka. It's blatantly not a web comic but I'm hoping that nobody will mind. The update frequency will depend on how often I'll have anything new to tell. This blog software is something I threw up in a weekend. There's no comments facility but feel free to drop by the Piperka reddit.

Mon, 30 May 2011 19:27:38 UTC