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Crawler and other updates

I don't have any real big announcements to make this time, but I have a few recent changes and new features that I could introduce now.

Not all changes that I make are visible to users. Like finding a way to cope with comics hosted on Tumblr, despite the lack of any kind of navigation links on the pages. Some become visible when I don't quite get them right on the first try. Like crawler changes, where the crawler may glitch on its hourly update cycle and get stuck. Some of you have certainly noticed that one. Sorry about that. I added support for downloading compressed web pages and parallel downloads, both of which caused a few bugs along the way, but those are hopefully fixed now.

There's a new favicon for Piperka. Much better than the scaled down photo I used before. Thanks to Lulu for that.

Another new thing is an AdBlock Plus whitelist for all the comics listed on Piperka. If you use ABP and want to support comics by allowing the ads on their pages to show then this could help with that. Yes, piperka.net is on that list, if only because this blog is listed on Piperka itself. Let me know if you find it useful. I'll need to yet refine that list, some four thousand rules might be a bit excessive. Thanks to romnempire for the idea.

I added graphs of daily subscribers counts from the last 30 days to the comic entry pages. I thought that it would be a nice addition. Everybody loves graphs, or at least I do.

I'll need to add some sort of a page for all the miscellanous auxiliary stuff on Piperka, like that whitelist. There's bound to come more of that, later. But not today.

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Mon, 25 Jun 2012 20:29:28 UTC