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I made something new. Until I think of some other name for it, I'll call it Piperka Reader. Not very original but it was an easy name to pick.

Piperka Reader is a page that embeds comic archives in an iframe, with controls on a bar on the top. There's the usual buttons for going to the first, previous, next and the newest page, and a dialog window with a list of all the pages of a comic. The same navigation buttons work for any and all comics listed on Piperka. If you've logged in, it can automatically move your bookmark as you read, or you can set it yourself. When reading comics sequentially, it uses an iframe to preload the following page in the background. Meaning that the next page is already there ready for viewing by the time you've read the current page and click next.

I used parts of the comic's URLs as the page names in the archive dialog. Archive pages' titles would likely be a better choice for that role but as I haven't stored those on Piperka, this'll have to do.

I've labeled Reader as "beta" for now. I'll yet add more functionality to it and it could use some polish. It's suitable for reading longer stretches of archives but it'd take a bit more to let it browse daily updates easily, with one or a few unread pages at most. I've developed it using Chrome and I can hope that it'll work with other browsers too.

If you look closely, you'll find that this means that I've made Piperka's comic index easily downloadable. All the 1546619 pages in it. I don't mind if you access them independently of Reader, but I'd appreciate it if you'd credit the source and let me know if you use them for anything. No guarantee that they continue to be available or that they'd be useful for any particular purpose.

I hope that no comic author minds that I embed their content like this. I'm not trying to misrepresent whatever they host as mine or that they'd be associated with Piperka. Technically, Piperka itself doesn't access any more content than what it did before, it just allows a user to do so, in a bit different manner, but arguing that would be sophistry. Let me know what you think.

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Tue, 28 Aug 2012 09:24:49 UTC