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OAuth2 logins

I've implemented OAuth2 logins for Piperka. If you've seen a "Sign in with Google" or somesuch link on a site, then Piperka has one now too.

I made it possible to have a Piperka account completely without a password, which made the changes needed a bit more intrusive than what it would have been without that. I kept the password protected section on account page as is, but now it is optionally OAuth2 protected.

The plan was to roll out an initial version with a choice of reddit or Google as identity providers, but the Google one didn't turn out to work on the production server. I suspect that it's because it tries to use IPv6 addresses there and they never worked after I set up bridging for a virtual server on the same host. I'll figure that out some other day. So the only option besides a plain old password, for now, is login with reddit.

The update for this change didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd liked to. Piperka was down for an hour or so, sorry for the inconvenience. Please test things and let me know if you see anything broken or unexpected.

I've been working on this on and off for several months now. Right now, I feel pretty burnt out regarding Piperka. I don't think I'll be pushing for any major changes until doing so would feel fun again. As you know, Piperka is a single man effort and I have a day job on top of that. I'd love to get others involved with the development and maintenance of Piperka, beyond asking me to fix crawlers, but I feel that getting that happen would require even more work than just doing whatever I do myself, whenever I feel like it.

I think I have griped about the exact same thing before on this blog. But you'll just have to excuse it. I have a month's worth of comics on the submit queue and a number of reports about broken crawlers. I'll work through those in the nearby future. After that, I'll do something fun, which most likely wouldn't involve Piperka.

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Sun, 08 Mar 2015 16:50:40 UTC