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Title: Knight Walk

Home page: http://knightwalk.dumbbum.net/


Science fiction.
Anthropomorphic characters.
Perhaps the most prominent horror mythos, used by a wide variety of authors. Cthulhu ftaghn!
May contain nuts.
For whatever reason, some things which are not comics have ended up on Piperka.
Anything from elementary grades to the upper echelons of the academia.
It could happen to you.
Never changes.
Ratings and things you might find objectionable or should at least be aware of.
An all age site. These sites will have no offensive content on them whatsoever.
This site contains little or mild offensive materials. Basically stuff only uptight parents would get upset over.
This site contains slightly offensive material. High chance of mild swearing, partial nudity, violence and adult themes.
For mature audiences. Contains high risk of violence, nudity, and adult situations. Viewer should be at least 17 or with parental guidance.
Should definetly NOT be viewed by minors. Contains graphic violence, mature themes, and/or nudity and adult situations. Not for kids in other words.
Not safe for work.
If it's something other than English.
Common patterns used as characters in the comic.
Long lived if not immortal, tall, slender and with pointed ears.
Mechanical creatures.
Not meant to judge anyone's artistic skills. Some comics just go for a certain style.
Big eyes, small mouths.
Computer generated or at least computer aided, with 3d graphics.
Longer story arcs.
Where things happen in a recognizable environment based on history.
Applicable if the surrounding culture is pertinent to the comic.
Japan, Korea or China, or thereabouts, or similar.
Tags left over from the original tag set with no easy way to convert over to the new scheme.
Should be replaced with tags from under the advisory category.


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