Fletcher Apts.

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"Fletcher Apts." is basically an on-going, story-based, slice-of-life comic based on three college-aged guys and their experiences while dwelling in the same apartment. Said experiences are usually anywhere from "slightly humorous" to "extremely and utterly bizarre". Also, while there may at times be shades of action, drama, romance, and other good stuff, it is first and foremost a humor strip. Oh, and it has anthropo- morphic (animal) characters as well, therefore making it a furry strip. However, that mainly only affects how the characters look and has little bearing on the actual story or how it's told.

The stories are mostly fictional, though there are a few certain times when the events or jokes are based off of something that happened in real life (when your living arrangements are the same as the characters in your comic, this is bound to happen sometimes). On the whole though, it's a story that I write from my imagination with little to no basis in real life. Also, in case you haven't noticed, there are mature subjects and language in Fletcher Apts. (and even the occassional boobie) so read at your own risk.

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