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NeoRamen is the caustic wacky misadventures of a guy stuck in retail mall hell, and his cyberpunk forays(obsession) with playing on virtual battle server networks. The main character Jazz, likes to see how much game time he can get away with at work. He also has developed a rather unambiguous crush on a female player named Soroko who seems to like to challenge him a lot. Jazz also has found himself quickly becoming friends with a rather mouthy, paranoid purple wombat named Foobly who sees conspiracy theories at every corner. Food and retro gaming seem to always be on the mind of Jazz, as well as certainly oddball observations. The gameworld inside NeoRamen sometimes almost seems more "real" than the real world.

The online virtual battle server in the NeoRamen universe is an explosive panoramic virtual battlefield where people from all over compete on this massive server. Or, in a more Kubrickian sense; being the adventures of a young cyberpunk whose principle interests are retro gaming, noodles, and battling giant mecha robots. Armed with his trusty crayon cannon, Jazz along with his fellow squishy cohorts battle legions of cybernetic ninja squids, lobstroids, rhinoborgs, and the occational errant mecha-penguin. That may be a bit over simplifying it tho. You got the happy go lucky reluctant hero Jazz, embracing futuristic weaponry and gadgets but obsessed with 80's retro gaming. The spunky riot-tech girl who would just as much squee with delight over something cute and Japanese as completely destroy a mech tank. And her trusty sidekick, Hoshii the ninja cat. Somehow she seems to be very versed in the cliche of giant guns and even bigger cannons. Then there is the big lug, AR.D-509, the cybernetic penguin. That is just one of many clans, as they battle other clans and various super villains. Together they fight the armies of end boss Buren, as well as his underling level minibosses like Squidnobi(the samurai cephalapod) Originally it was going to be called Commander Udon: Or How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Noodle...


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