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On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Aaron Cash was driving on his way home from a visit to his mother. Along the way through a wooded area, he witnesses the crashing of an alien craft. Aaron approaches the fallen alien craft and is teleported into the ship where he is met by an alien named Zardius Prime, who warns him of an impending doom that shall soon fall upon his world.

Trusting Aaron, he gives Aaron a special item and tells him to activate it when the time is right. Meanwhile, in deep space, The Ky'lar (the threat in which Zardius warned Aaron about) makes their way close to earth and dispatch a spy droid to spy upon Zardius and kill him. The droid informs the Ky'Lar that Zardius has made contact with a human (Aaron) and then send the droid to capture Aaron. The droid hunts down Aaron after a long chase through downtown Edge City and then Zardius appears to rescue Aaron. While Zardius and the droid do battle, Aaron activates the item and is transformed into a powerful being. Thus Venger Prime is born.

Transformed into a powerful guardian, Aaron Cash begins his journey after receiving the power of the "Prime".

Venger Prime TM and © EdgeVerse Media, Inc.. All rights reserved.

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