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Blood of Cobalt takes place in the fictional land of Ruria, a country made modestly prosperous under the ‘Peasant’ King, who though crudely usurped the previous monarch, managed to rid Ruria of war, as it now enjoys its longest period of peace since its colonization. Bordering Ruria is its most recent enemy, now under a long standing peace treaty, the republic of Archam, a country whose scientific breakthroughs nearly crushed Ruria until the Peasant King took over Ruria’s armies, and instilled the help of neighboring nations. Though Archam’s financial state was barely dented by the war, many Archi resent the large amount of money and land granted to Ruria at the signing of the treaty.

The story follows a young lad named Sigfryd, who despite his seemingly prestige pedigree, seems to have pissed off the Rurian state, and is now searching for the quickest way to get himself off the radar. After meeting an eccentric woman who claims to be in a similar situation, he commissions her to guide him out of the country, where he can lay low until the heat is off. Unfortunately, tensions are high between Ruria and the neighboring Archam, and a high-profile Rurian fugitive crossing the border turns out to be just the trigger needed to set off real talks of war, something that Sigfryd’s bizarre sense of patriotism won’t allow him to ignore, conflicting with his strong desire for self-preservation.

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