Boy with a secret

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Categories: genre:weird genre:romance advisory:violence

Haruhi is a troubled teenager with a secret, who hides his identity to everyone and scared to let people find out. Because of what happened in his past, his family moves to a new area where he starts attending fujimoto high school. as he tries to adapt to his surrounding he gets picked on by the school gang. they bully him and tries to make his life miserable. a girl named minako who is in the same class as him stands up against these guys but fails in protecting him. will Haruhi finally learn to defend himself? or will he let this mysterious guy who knows so much about him and his secret protect him from these bullies who makes his life miserable?

UPDATES: Wednesdays
GENERES: Shojo,Action, Drama,Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Physiological,and some Boy love & Girl Love.

WARNINGS: This comic contains Violence, Blood,Profanity.
RATINGS: Older Teens

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