And Then There Were Zombies

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Categories: genre:sci-fi:post-apocalyptic genre:horror advisory:Web 14 advisory:violence advisory:profanity format:episodic setting:locality:wilderness setting:culture:american

On a mild, late-October evening the world went to shit.

Two years later the zombies now dominate the planet and no solace is in sight. After a brief resistance mankind is now on the losing end of the battle with an apparently unstoppable plague. The human race seems to be on their last legs, and those legs are being nibbled at by the roaming dead.

Still, we’re some stubborn fucks aren’t we? Zhi Hrang refuses to die, and finds herself seeking shelter while lost in the Pennsylvania backwoods. What she discovers is a house on a hill, and a group of survivors with an even more fervent determination to continue living. So much so that in a world where people eat people one of those survivors will resort to murder. For this group of wayward weirdos the worldwide apocalypse suddenly becomes secondary.

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