Garden of Hearts

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Categories: genre:fantasy genre:fantasy:sword and sorcery genre:horror:supernatural genre:romance topic:religion advisory:Web 14 archetype:elves format:episodic

Alyn, royal guardsman to the elven Queen of the North leaves for a quest to the far south with his wise-cracking necromancer friend Skylar. They are seeking a long-lost magical talisman that could dispel the eternal winter of the northern lands--and just perhaps elevate Alyn to Queen's Consort after he returns a hero. To journey into the south Alyn will need the help of his childhood friend, Nirin. Only, Nirin is a lot more enchanting than he remembered and every step closer to the mythical Garden of Hearts is a step further from his goals.

story specs: light-hearted fantasy romance BOY X GIRL.

tech: hand-drawn, b & w, toned.


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