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TL;DR: heros come out of retirement to save the world, in space. Hijinks ensue in other dimensions.

"Once upon a time, our world was protected by fearless champions known as the Dazzling Heroes. These masked vigilantes would scour the globe for traces of high criminal activity and generally unaccepted wickedness, banishing the minions of Evil as they went. It was a time of marvels, a time of fabulous feats of courage and determination, a time when a few brave souls fighting under the glorious banner of Good sought to make a difference in a world twisted by corruption and darkness. It was around 1996.

Now, the world is mostly at peace, and the heroes have disbanded. But Evil never really dies. A relic has been found; a crystal. A shard of pure hatred, with an aura so dark it engulfs its keepers in malice. This remnant of a darker past must be banished as well. For this perilous mission, only the best of the Dazzling Heroes have been chosen. They shall embark on a formidable interstellar voyage, with a single clear objective: to dump some big glowy rock in a transdimensional vortex a couple of billion miles away.

But not everything will go as planned..."

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