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16-year-old Maggie Cole is about to make history.

The youngest daughter of an AHL superstar and a stand out defense woman in her own right, MC's leaving her small but prestigious Minnesota hockey program and headed to Massachusetts. After receiving a call from the Cambridge Knights, a US juniors expansion team quickly establishing themselves as a force in the east, MC has to prove to the team, the coaches, and the critics she deserves a spot in the starting lineup. With a supportive head coach leading the charge, MC, her defense partner, Tony Mancini, and the Knights have their eyes set on the elusive Clark Cup. With new teams come old rivalries – MC just didn't expect the most challenging rivalry would come from within her own d-pair.

A defense woman has never played regulation minutes with a USHL junior hockey team. MC might be the first – that is, if Tony'll pass to her once in a while.

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