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Full Spectrum Therapy

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Categories: genre:sci-fi genre:sci-fi:post-apocalyptic

Troubled teen Damien Aattou was looking for a way out -- instead, he found a new way to let "Them" in.

His persistent admirer and childhood best friend, Quin, vows to help him, but while doing so attracts the unwanted attention of their school's rookie Empath -- a specialized paranormal professional. Accompanied by Quin's unrelenting ex, Tayler, and her bandmates, the boys must dodge blame for the recent flux of alien outbreaks around town while trying to fix their complicated relationship.

Full-Spectrum Therapy is a queer, supernatural body-horror drama about a group of teenagers living in the aftermath of an alien invasion.

If this comic were a TV show, the theme song would be "Plague" by Lola Ray (mmm John Balicanta!), and the ending theme would be "Stay" by Oingo Boingo (ooo Danny Elfman!). Orchestrated throughout the soundtrack and definitely "Plague," would be the main musical theme from "Alf Leyla we Leyla" by Umm Kulthum (aaa Umm Kulthum!).

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