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Categories: genre:weird

Plot: What?! There's a PLOT?! Why the hell didn't anyone inform me of this?

Okay, think, dude. . .THINK. . .

Um. . .it's a comic. About a monkey. Who's retarded. Hence the title.

Here's the deal: Tardmonkey is a mentally challenged, well-meaning but malicious little red monkey who lives with comic artist Joe Kirby (only loosely based on me, and with a last name taken from Marvel's Jack "King" Kirby). They live in an unnamed city in an unnamed state (presumably some state where not ONLY is it legal to OWN a monkey, but to let said monkey fling poo at random people and masturbate in public. So let's just call it Alabama).

The comic is a three panel comic, updated daily at noon, Eastern U.S. time. It follows the "First panel: Intro, Second panel: Setup, Third panel: Punchline" format.

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