Demonseed Redux!

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Categories: genre:fantasy genre:fantasy:superhero genre:romance advisory:Web NC-17 advisory:violence advisory:nudity advisory:profanity advisory:nsfw archetype:angels and demons format:episodic setting:locality:urban setting:culture:american

A retelling of the best-selling Demonseed series! Featuring pregnancy-spiked adventures for adults only! Chico Del Ray is a guy down on his luck with music, money and the ladies. To make matters worse, he just found out his girlfried Rhoda is a demon succubus who wants to breed a legion of monsters with him! But Chico has one thing going for him: his best friend Deion. But even she has a secret - she's an angel! Join Chico and Dee as they battle monsters from another world while dealing with a budding relationship and a growing family! People who enjoy pregnant erotica and drama with lots of action will enjoy this series as much as those who just came for a fun romp with a little sex and sizzle!
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