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Buttons to move bookmarks forward

I'm not a user interface expert. I think I can hold my own pretty far without being one, but there are still things that would make me want to go look for one. The way how a number of users prefer to use Piperka's bookmarks is one. The default way how the bookmark links on the updates page work is that they redirect the user to the bookmarked page and automatically update the bookmark to the head of the archives. If the user wanted to set the bookmark on some other page instead, then they would input the URL to the set bookmark box, or use the bookmarklet.

That's the only mode I've ever wanted to use, myself. Early during Piperka's development, a user asked to have the option to just get the links without having them update the bookmark. I obliged, and she asked me to have that mode stick in the user settings. Again, I implemented that, but I was left wondering a bit what the use for that was.

There is, now, a number of users who prefer using that mode, and they like to always input the newest pages to the bookmark input box. I don't know what the use case is behind that and why they wouldn't let the automatic mode do that. It's error prone too, since there's a window when the comic has updated but Piperka hasn't caught the update yet.

Some time ago, a user suggested that I'd add buttons to the plain links mode that would move the bookmarks to the newest page. I just implemented this. I'm hoping that this'll make using Piperka easier for you.

I used jQuery and AJAX for implementing this. I've used JavaScript minimally with Piperka until now, but I'd like to start adding some more dynamic features to it. Watch this space.

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Tue, 28 Jun 2011 17:44:30 UTC