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Ticket System, part 2

I used last week to implement the moderator side of the ticket system. I can now read them and mark them as handled. Not that there's yet any way for a user to read their tickets, processed or not. I've used it to fix a number of comics already, if only to get a taste of what I'd need with a ticket system to make it best help me.

Superficially, the ticket system does nothing different compared to what the old way of just receiving email did, which is why I've delayed implementing one before. Also, I'm still quite a ways off from the eventual hope of having other people perform actual maintenance tasks. Even so, the ticket system helps me at this stage already. I've set it to display various bits of data I typically need to nudge a crawler back to action and that saves me from many keystrokes that I previously would have used. Every single manual step I can skip will make me so much more likely to do it in the first place. It's visually pleasing for me to have two lists and to be able to move items from one to the another. Marking an email as read gave me no such satisfaction.

It's not perfect nor all I want it to be yet but this is one place where having even a slight improvement matters a lot. I'm still giving a priority to development tasks instead of site maintenance but I'll be more likely to do it now. I know nobody likes landing on a squatted domain or having a comic they read not catch updates but I'm working towards improving the situation.

The weekend past that went mostly to implement the followers page. It was one last thing that still was simply missing compared to the old site. It was just an oversight I rectified once a user sent me an email about it. Piperka has some aspirations for having social media like features but those plans are still waiting for some later date.

I wrote a brief privacy policy for Piperka. With GDPR I felt it better to state at this point that I'm not holding anyone's personal data. In short, I'm trying to not annoy you. I'll write some form of a TOS document later on, which would state in detail that you shouldn't try to annoy me.

Next up, a way to view your tickets.

Tue, 27 Mar 2018 17:54:28 UTC