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Those of you who've opted in to ads on Piperka may have noticed that they have been away for a while. That's because Google's invalid traffic detection algorithm flagged my account. They didn't actually suspend it but restricted the ads it'd show and I removed the ad codes from Piperka altogether while I considered what to do. I had a look at some other ad networks which may be shadier or not. I know that at least that I'm not interested in going for pop unders or push ads that some of them offer. Google's not telling me just what policy I've violated but only reiterated their policies and basically it boils down to that they decide what's invalid traffic and that I'm responsible for it. So, um, don't be so suspicious?

One change I'm making is that the ads will be opt out instead of opt in. You'll be seeing them as the default from now on but there's still the option to disable them. If you've made a choice about seeing them before then that setting is still in effect. Nothing in Google's policies prohibits making showing ads an opt in thing but I suspect that it contributed to making my traffic seem odd to them and triggered whatever detection they have. I know it's pretty unusual to make ads on a site optional at all but I like it that way. It's your computer or device they'd be shown on after all and I don't know for sure what the ad networks are offering.

I may or may not get some earnings if you click the ads shown on Piperka but you shouldn't make that an consideration. I'm not going to get any ad income if the ad network suspends me for whatever reason. I considered putting a shuffle of Adsterra's and AdSense's banners but I left it at just AdSense for now. I'm hoping to not have to think about the ads on Piperka for a while now.

On to actual site features. I've started building a list of authors that have multiple comics under their names. I'm leaving authors with single comics out of it for now, since I want to start with having a few dozen authors to add to the table instead of aiming for thousands of them with little hope of having anyone to fill in all the missing data. I'm not really looking into making Piperka into a comic bibliography either. As of now, there's no way to edit the data on the web page. I've added a few that I could think of from the top of my head but I'll welcome it if you'll send me missing authors. I'm sorry to say that there's no form to submit them on the web site currently.

I'm considering creating an account on Payoneer. They have a referral program where both the user giving the code and the one using it get $25 on the first deposit of $1000. I could grab a code from some random forum post but I think that if you're reading this then I'd rather use yours. Anyone want to send me one?

Sat, 19 Oct 2019 13:25:33 UTC