Piperka mainly tries to maintain this list to keep track of comics which have common authors. If you'd like to have your name and comics listed here then head to their info pages to claim them.

Name Comics
Alfred Lam Sodium Eyes Making of Neon
Ben Fleuter Derelict Sword Interval
Chlove Go Get a Roomie Headless Bliss
Chris Hazelton 6 Gun Mage Misfile Misfile Hell High
Cope Spazient! Cerintha
Der-shing Helmer The Meek Mare Internum
Gisèle Lagacé Magick Chicks Eerie Cuties Ménage à 3 Dangerously Chloe
Kate Ashwin Widdershins Darken
Krazy Krow Spinnerette Charliehorse Krakow 2.0 Krakow Marilith
Michael Terracciano Star Power Dominic Deegan
Minna Sundberg Stand Still, Stay Silent A Redtail's Dream Punahännän uni
Novil Sandra and Woo Sandra und Woo Gaia Gaia (German)
Tristan Cobb Avania