Beyond the End

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Added on: 2023-08-07 08:24:06

Categories: genre:fantasy topic:religion topic:glbt advisory:Web 14 advisory:violence advisory:profanity archetype:angels and demons art:manga style

When an angel is cast down from Heaven without warning, he befriends the beings of purgatory to return to heaven, only to find out there is more to the world than he thought and he is forced to confront the archangels with new knowledge of how their beliefs are misguided.This story takes place 800 years after the end of the world, and follows Endymion, a fallen angel with with no idea why he's ended up in purgatory, as he tries to find his way back home. A weird adventure packed with wacky characters and creatures far beyond anything of heaven and earth. well. of earth at least. Can he find his way in a world thats not of his own faith when both heaven and hell are right on his tail?
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