Ad settings

Piperka may use third party opt out advertising. Ad revenue helps to run the site but even more so I'd prefer it that any ads that run on Piperka to be related to Piperka and web comics but as I don't have that at the moment I'm offering you the choice of just disabling them. Saving you the trouble of even using an ad blocker.

If you don't mind seeing some ads then leave them unblocked. Please review the privacy policy on third party ads if you like first (it's the usual boilerplate about third party cookies and such). Your choice on seeing ads is stored as a cookie on your browser. If you'd like to change your setting later, delete the cookie or click the link to this page on the footer.

Regardless of this page's setting, I may run manual campaigns from comic authors which I wouldn't give you an opt out from. I may set up some other form of advertising at a later date which wouldn't necessarily be opt out and it would override whatever setting you have on this page.

Ads are currently provided by Google's AdSense. I may throw in something else in the mix but I'll avoid anything too intrusive.