As I can't quite accomplish the impossible, I will have to lay down a few policies on what will be added to Piperka. Or jump below to submit now.

What does Piperka do?

Having a comic listed on Piperka means more than having just the banner and home page URL stored on the server. Piperka will also build an index of all of the archive pages of a comic, and periodically check if more pages have been added to it. As such, I will have to place a number of requirements on anything that I would add to Piperka.

Building the index is done by initially giving the first page of the archives to the crawler and writing an HTML parsing script for seeking for a possible link to the next page. Updates to the archive are sought for by trying to find the next page from the newest known page.

The parser used for this will often have to be custom tailored for a site. There are no widely used standards for these kinds of pages. The first priority of a web designer is to make their pages look good. However, it doesn't have to be done at the cost of navigatibility for scripts too.

A request to comic authors

This doesn't really apply to you if your comic is hosted on a major host like Comicgenesis or Webtoons. They've got their quirks, but the effort to take them into account has already been taken. Not that I would mind if their administrators would apply the following advice.

I'm not necessarily going to outright reject a comic if your's doesn't implement what I describe below, either. But I do consider that having a comic listed on Piperka is a service for your readers and I would like to see my job be easier.

There does exist a specification in HTML 4.01 standard (and later) for a sequential series of documents, like the pages of a comic. I would like to point to the rel attribute in the definition of A and LINK tags. If you look at the link types defined in the standard, you'll find ready definitions for start, prev, next and index. These would neatly correspond to the usual set of links to the first, previous, next and today's page.

If you would apply the rel attribute to your pages, at least the next one, I wouldn't have to try to match the text in the link to the next page or look for key words in the URLs of images or use any other of the tricks I'd need to find that elusive next page. Thank you.

Other policies

Needs to be crawlable
Piperka is not a generic webcomic list. I'll pass over comics that I can't write a crawler for. Existing ones that have removed their archives temporarily will still be listed and kept under a watch. Also, if an individual archive page has no link to the next page, it'll remain out.
Public archives
The archives will have to be publicly available. Also, they need to stay public too. Exceptions might be made if the comic is not actively removing archives older than n days and has the newest archives available.
As a general rule, if the comic doesn't have the copyright to the material used or have a license of some sort for it, it might be better to leave it off Piperka. It's just a clearer situation all around that way.
Piperka will stick to tracking any official translation(s), possibly an unofficial one to English too. One reason for this: see Copyrights above.
Distinct URLs
Piperka stores URLs of the pages in the archive. There's any number of tricks to have different pages reside on the same location pointed to by the URL, including using Flash, Javascript or frames. Also, I can't screen scrape Flash.
Sites that use frames
If the site uses frames, I will have to unframe them and link directly to the comic frames. Sorry. I may reject the submission if this would break the layout too badly. At the minimum it would be good if there was a link in the comic frame to the main site.
The comic must be readable without having cookies set.
One archive per submit
Some sites have multiple comics on them. If you want to have them all listed, please take the effort to submit each one separately.
Finished comics
Comics that have ceased to update for one reason or another but that still have the archives available are OK, as long as it is not just a handful of pages or a preview of some sort.
I get to decide
Ultimately, I may reject submissions just on a whim. Feel free to ask about it if I haven't added the comic after a while. Most likely the reason was technical or I have a bit of a backlog.

Submit a comic

This all being said, I do add most requested comics to Piperka as well as some that haven't been asked for yet, too.

Home page:
First page:

You don't need to provide a first page, but if you want to save me a few seconds, then feel free to. If the site's navigation makes the URL in your browser's location bar stay the same when you get to the first page, then the comic might not be suitable for Piperka.


Science fiction.
Anthropomorphic characters.
Perhaps the most prominent horror mythos, used by a wide variety of authors. Cthulhu ftaghn!
May contain nuts.
For whatever reason, some things which are not comics have ended up on Piperka.
Anything from elementary grades to the upper echelons of the academia.
It could happen to you.
Never changes.
Ratings and things you might find objectionable or should at least be aware of.
An all age site. These sites will have no offensive content on them whatsoever.
This site contains little or mild offensive materials. Basically stuff only uptight parents would get upset over.
This site contains slightly offensive material. High chance of mild swearing, partial nudity, violence and adult themes.
For mature audiences. Contains high risk of violence, nudity, and adult situations. Viewer should be at least 17 or with parental guidance.
Should definetly NOT be viewed by minors. Contains graphic violence, mature themes, and/or nudity and adult situations. Not for kids in other words.
Not safe for work.
Comic platform a comic is hosted on. Filled automatically.
If it's something other than English.
Common patterns used as characters in the comic.
Long lived if not immortal, tall, slender and with pointed ears.
Mechanical creatures.
Not meant to judge anyone's artistic skills. Some comics just go for a certain style.
Big eyes, small mouths.
Computer generated or at least computer aided, with 3d graphics.
Longer story arcs.
Where things happen in a recognizable environment based on history.
Applicable if the surrounding culture is pertinent to the comic.
Japan, Korea or China, or thereabouts, or similar.
Tags left over from the original tag set with no easy way to convert over to the new scheme.
Should be replaced with tags from under the advisory category.


Piperka can have links to other sites containing information about this comic.

TV Tropeshttps://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/

Email notification


If the comic hasn't been added after a while, feel free to ask about it.


If the comic has an unanimated, 468x60 banner, you can submit it too. Yes, I like to keep that limit strict and I don't unanimate or resize any banners myself.

Uploading banners uses features that your browser doesn't seem to support.


Submitting comics uses JavaScript. Please enable it or use a capable browser. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And if your comic begins like "The Comic", check around C first. The ordering used is arguably somewhat arbitrary.

Submitting comics requires JavaScript. Please enable it.