Destroy History

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A rebooted series by Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery author John Allison, who describes it:

A brief history of Destroy History

From 2002-2009 I drew a free-ranging, large ensemble comic called Scary Go Round. It was successful enough that making it became my job. But after seven years, it felt a bit baggy, so I worked up a few concepts for spin-offs. One was the mystery-solving teens series Bad Machinery, another was the college tale, Giant Days. The third, and without question the most under-thought, was Destroy History.

Destroy History was to star Scary Go Round's heroine Shelley Winters travelling through time via the auspices of a secretive government agency, the Ministry Of History. I drew two very quickly-written "pilot" strips and a logo, then forgot about it. In all honesty, I had no idea exactly how it would work, and with other comics to make, no inclination to develop it further.

In 2013 I brought back Bobbins, my original webcomic. Unlike the heavily-plotted stories I now spend most of my time on, I improvised the strips and stories day to day or week to week, dependent on how many comics I needed. I'm now a much faster writer and artist than I was, and it's fun to work in a looser way. Having now run Bobbins into the ground in an orgy of self-congratulation and irresponsible, unsustainable storylines, I can't do any more of those. So here's the last bus out of town for poor old Shelley. I might last a week at it, or a month. But it should be... fun? Let's DESTROY HISTORY!

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