Comic completion status

Piperka tries to make it visible whether a comic gets updates and if it does, when. This part can pretty much be automated from the crawler events.

When comics aren't updating, it can be for a variety of reasons. Some comics get completed. Some get abandoned. Some end up on a hiatus that extends from months to years. It's a pretty tall order for the crawler to tell by itself which fate befell to any particular comic. It won't even try but any comics that have been suspiciously quiet get flagged and a moderator will pick an explanation.

There are plenty of comics listed on Piperka that were abandoned many years ago. If they drop from the Internet then it's an easy call to remove them from Piperka's end as well but there's still plenty of other comics that are still online but won't amount to much but old curiosites for someone up to a bit of reminiscing. I reckon it's fine to have those still listed as long as they are marked appropriately.

If you think that this list of reasons is incomplete then please let me know. If you think that a particular comic needs to have it's reason updated or would like to expedite the process for a particular unmarked comic then please contact me. There isn't yet any mechanism for flagging those via Piperka itself. If a comic has been marked with a status but it should be receiving updates then please open a ticket.

List of statuses

The series has finished its run to its planned end. Or at least the comic got a graceful ending if it was cut short in some way.
Announced or unannounced hiatus on updates.
Announced or unannounced hiatus on updates for an extended period of time. Very unlikely to be picked up again.
Known to have been abandoned with no conclusion. The author(s) might no longer even be capable of finishing it.
Abandoned (CoF)
Abandoned with a conclusion or continuation in other format not tracked by Piperka.
The comic has been rebooted but the old version is still online.