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Get ready for an electrifying adventure with Electric Fencer!

Join the magically gifted sibling duo, Elliott and Anastasia “Lee” Alexander, as they embark on a thrilling globe-spanning journey alongside their Uncle Ronan and their loyal friends, Lance and Renée.

But this is no ordinary journey—it’s a race against time to rescue their kidnapped brother, Andrew, from the clutches of the sinister Silver Legion. This corrupt military organization has nefarious plans for the entire world, and our heroes won’t rest until they put a stop to it.

With the help of the enigmatic Astral Conservatory agents Jiro and Tarragon, our brave adventurers will unlock their hidden magical powers, confront terrifying monsters, and face off against maniacal enemies. Along the way, they will unravel an ancient conspiracy, with secrets that hold the key to saving Andrew and protecting the world from the forces of evil.

Brace yourself for an electrifying adventure with thrilling surprises and exhilarating escapades that await our heroes on their coming-of-age journey in Electric Fencer!

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