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Piperka migrated, part 2

I'm writing this one so that I might remember it better: Piperka's backend process runs as a systemd user service. The default mode for them is to shut down when the last user session closes. That means that everything is fine as long as I'm logged in but it shuts down down when the last ssh connection closes. The command to change services to persist is loginctl enable-linger which will make Piperka run even after I close the laptop lid. At least I had the fortune of having an SSH open from another computer until I did a reboot this morning to change the hostname. I had almost two hours of outage due to this today but I suppose I got lucky since I didn't cause any more of that. Sorry about this, this was a pure user error and I'll try to not make the same mistake the next time around. I should write some documentation about the process or even automate it somehow, this certainly wasn't the last server migration I'll be doing.

I'm not the first user of my new IP address. I don't mean to reflect badly on my new hosting provider but looks like the last holder of the address gathered some bad reputation. I was told that an anti-malware site was flagging Piperka after the migration. I contacted them and they told me that they had blacklisted my IP. I'm hoping that they'll clear the status soon if they haven't done it already.

Also, Google is rejecting all email from piperka.net at the moment, citing that my IP has sent bulk email before. I added DKIM, SPF and DMARC (email security and anti-phishing features) for my domain and I hope that that's enough to clear that one up. At least my IP isn't included in any of the public anti-spam blacklists.

Hopefully I'm not seeing any other issues like these. I'll just resolve them and it's not worth it to consider requesting a new IP over this or even to switch providers this soon. It's just frustrating that these aren't anything that I have direct control over.

Here's to hoping that I'll have a dreadfully uneventful and boring time with my new hosting and can concentrate on some feature development again.

Addendum: This one slipped my mind. I knocked out the crawler for more than half a day on Thursday. It happened at a bit inopportune time for me. Something in the new environment didn't agree with one of the parsers and that aborted the whole run. Sorry about that.

Fri, 21 Jun 2019 17:37:37 UTC