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Piperka migrated

I moved Piperka to Hyperhost.ua today. I've had a few problems with my last hosting provider. The server I've been using has had a number of hang ups that I've had to resolve by issuing a remote reset on the control panel and their network has had more outages and slowdowns than what I'd like. Though as far as I can tell they've improved on that last respect lately.

I was hoping to stay on my previous server for a while longer but I decided to take the leap already now. I had no real need for the dedicated server and this time Piperka's on a VPS. I suppose it's okay. The hardware's newer and page renders are noticeably faster with it since that's mainly single core load. If you don't see it yet then you're likely still using the old DNS entry and have your traffic proxied through the old server. I had extravagant amounts of RAM and disk space on the old server but I was hardly using them.

My sysadmin friend at day job talked to me about streaming replication for my DB but I didn't listen to him this time around. As far as I'm concerned the 15 minutes of outage it took to dump, copy and restore the DB was quite acceptable. Everything seems to work now on the new server. It took a bit of manual work to set up everything on the new server and I hope to not have to think about this in a long while again. At least moving over was a lot less work than last time around.

If you're in need of any hosting for yourself then feel free to use the affiliate link that I gave above. Time will tell how this'll work out but it's looking good so far and they have received some very good reviews.

I'll keep the old server for the rest of the week but I certainly hope to not have to revert this change. I even went as far as to upgrade my PostgreSQL version along with the migration. I'll have to go with stale data if I must go back.

To top it off, I'm even paying less for the new hosting. Let's see if I can outgrow it.

If you see anything out of the ordinary then please let me know. I've tried to grab everything relevant from the old server and I'll have a second look tomorrow but it's still easier to fix any straggling issues while I still have it.

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 18:21:26 UTC