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Debconf 11 talk

I was at Debconf 11, in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hertzegovina. I got the idea of making a five minutes long presentation for the lightning talk event, about how I used virtualization, automatic installs and a version control system to make developing a web site to be a collaborative effort and free software. I thought that that would be interesting to the general Debian audience and I de-emphasized what Piperka itself does.

I put the slides online and the video is available in Debian's video archive. I guess I was visibly nervous, holding the talk. Getting the video signal wrong with my laptop the first time around didn't help. I'm not used to do that sort of a thing. At least I did reach an audience and had a few people come to talk to me about it afterwards.

My vacation's over and I'll try to, time permitting, continue to modernise and add new features to Piperka. As for that collaborative effort part, it hasn't really realized itself yet. Not that I was about to recruit anyone there, but to show off what I have been doing.

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Sat, 13 Aug 2011 09:27:09 UTC