Treacherous Seas (an Ekros Tale)

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Reason given: It's still online as of now but it's going to be removed. Aborted and going for a reboot for reasons, apparently.

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Uneven Keel A journey of escape, fate, luck, and opportunity in the wake of a tragedy: Uneven Keel follows two characters, Keel D'Amyan and Lakiteras, as their two lives eventually intersect over the year following the collapse of a nation at war. ---- Story & Art by Beefsen, edited by caseofthematts. *Contains moderate violence, blood, death, fantasy racism, emotional abuse, drug & alcohol use, self-harm themes (self-sabotage, wing-clipping), occasionally suggestive content (jokes, euphemisms, romance), rare allusions to sexual assault (ambiguous consent), and potentially other sensitive themes. Updates are done in full chapters, at the author's discretion, typically 1 chapter per month.