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On March 19, 1984, the year of George Orwell, the comic strip On the Fastrack debuted in 150 newspapers worldwide. Its immediate focus was on the technology transforming society, a process that has picked up steam ever since.

Initially the main character was Bob Shirt, a confused young man finding his way in the corporate world. Other major cast members were Melody Acapella and her daughter Laurel, but just as early computers were replaced by improved models, Fastrack 1.0 was soon supplanted by latter versions as new characters took center stage.

Wendy Welding became On the Fastrack‘s main character in the late 1980s, and while the strip is still set in the offices of Fastrack, Inc., the Welding family of Wendy, Art, Patina and Rusty are now the four compass points marking the strip’s landscape.

Throughout the rise of the Internet, the dot.com crash, social networking, Facebook and Twitter, they’ve hung on as vast changes have swept through their lives. They hurtle through cyberspace, drawn to the promise of what’s beckoning over the horizon.

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