The Chronicles of Avernyght

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Avernyght is a planet of dark forests, snowy mountains and scattered swamplands. It has deep black oceans, four moons and a permanently eclipsed sun.

Contessa, one of the Four Sisters, conquered Avernyght in the Great War and made Nox her capital. Once the greatest Daul kingdom, Nox was also the last to resist Contessa's undead army of recycled Dreams called Toujh.

When Contessa won, royalist refugees left the cities and the Kingdom fell into disrepair. So, Contessa harvested the Dreams of the fallen to create slave Dauls.

Fully aware of their lot in life, Poppett and Whisp aren't like the other slaves. Poppett says that they'll be free someday...but is anyone really free under Contessa?


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