Paint the Town Red

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Added on: 2023-12-06 12:07:38

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Categories: topic:glbt advisory:Web 14 archetype:vampires setting:locality:urban

Paint The Town Red is a comic series centred around the drama between queer vampires and werewolves (among other supernatural babes) in the weird gothic city of Merlot. It is a slice-of-life with a sprinkle of action, a smidge of mystery and a punch full of drama. It is made and printed in full volumes before uploaded online. It updates Wednesdays and Sundays.

New werewolf Winny and her dear friend, Odile, have been running a small werewolf shelter. As Winny is haunted by her past, things really go awry as there's suddenly a injured vampire at their doorstep. Once Winny decides to take her in, new strange events and mysteries begin to unfold--digging up parts of Winny's past, opening up new relationships, discovering new problems deep in the heart of Merlot. Everyone seems to have something to hide in this little town--but no one can hide it for long.

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