Striped Bandits

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Striped Bandits is a lighthearted and engaging story about three sibling raccoon joking around, watching TV and eating snacks; until the “Cooler of Goodness” goes empty.

When the Trifecta of Gloom (nothing good on TV, no snacks, and their annoying neighbor Kevin) descends upon the Bandits, Larry, Barry and Terry are left with no other choice but to embark on an epic road trip to their local Seven23 store dumpster.

Surely Larry’s favorite fine dining selection will offer an abundance of sweet, salty, snakity-snacks and the “Cooler of Goodness” will be bursting at the seams. But to Larry’s surprise, the only thing they find to eat is an old and surprisingly still frozen “Frozino.”

The siblings decide to give the “Frozino” a try and are instantly transported to “Deliciousville,” a place where all the best foods are free for the taking. When they return to reality, the only thing on the Bandits’ minds is getting their little raccoon hands on another “Frozino.”

Join Larry, Barry and Terry as they hysterically attempt to get another Frozino, try to figure out this crazy world we live in and more importantly, find a better neighbor.

Comic updates every Monday.

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