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Wannabe opens a window into the shared home of three young adults – McKenzie, Andy, and Margot – and lets in some much needed fresh air into their cluttered space full of modern-day struggles. Let's get to know them as they all set off on their individual journeys towards their life accomplishments!

Along the way, they'll meet more young casualties from the shortage of life vests in the shipwreck of life. Together, they'll give their all to persevere against the world and its hardships with the means they were given. It goes without saying that they weren't given much, apart from dreams, ambitions, and others' expectations.

Self-determination, romance, parental meddling, desperate job searches, and the mere need to survive are only a few of the themes and tribulations our heroes will have to face. Will McKenzie, Andy, Margot, and the others be able to overcome these trials? Or will they be led away from the path in life they want to pursue? The answers to these questions are unclear, but one thing is for certain: it's not easy to be what you wanna be.

Overall, Wannabe’s goal is to shine a light on people of younger generations who are gobbled up by the harsh realities of the modern world. This comic strip wants to give them a voice and to explore their struggles through respectful humor. Wannabe does not give a point of view that is antagonistic to those folks, nor does it simply poke fun at them. Instead, it walks beside them as a peer and incorporates fun along the way.

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