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A thousand years ago, the land of Fafnir was overrun by dragons. But that's ancient history. Nowadays you get one dragon maybe two or three times a week. And the Dragonslayers, nearly all of whom are named after fruit, take care of it. Our heroine Mango aspires to become one of these brave warriors. And to look spiffy doing it, too. Meanwhile, in the far-off city of Aspartame, in the midst of the Sundae Desert, three misfits try out to join their own local civil defense organization, the Lolita Knights, all of whom are rather scantily clad young female elves named after desserts, led by the beautiful yet formidable Strawberry Cheesecake. Can they dodge the dreaded Hammer of Rejection? Can they escape the haunted maze? Can they cross the Uncrossable Chasm of Uncrossability? And how will the judges award points in the swimsuit competition? And we haven't even gotten to the princess, the other princess, the Mushroom Incident, the bunny vs. sheep combat, the Grand Tournament, the fugitive gnome, the free meat, the Sealed Gate, the Dead Ringer defence, the giant robot, the rescue piggie, the League of Highly Suspicious Mages, or the exploding statues. All this and more await at Dragon Mango.
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