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Captain John and his robot companion, Asimov, have been stranded on Mars. John and Asimov are not what you'd call best buddies, but they learn to get along when unforeseen events happen - like evil robots trying to destroy them, for instance.

They are aided by some friendly Martians. Ugo has led the guys to an underground sanctuary and given them living quarters. He seems to be some kind of leader, and he is green. Ril is a young feisty girl Martian who touches John's heart. She's pink.

There's another mysterious Martian race called the Geborga that look kind of like strange birds with no wings, and they are scientists.

And we've just been introduced to a third Martian race called the Volotrum - otherwise known as "The Dark Ones." They live deeper underground and we know next to nothing about them, other than they don't like to be bothered.

A great tragedy has befallen Mars and there are many mysteries to be revealed. And it doesn't appear things are going too swimmingly on Earth, either.


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