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Added on: 2009-02-25 17:13:53

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What exactly is Moosehead Stew? Well, aside from being a *traditional plains way of preparing moose, it's also a journal comic about me, a Cree girl from Saskatchewan. Many of you probably know me from my other comic, Weregeek, and you can still expect a healthy serving of geek humor here at Moosehead Stew, since my life is pretty geeky. But you can also expect to see other stuff, like glimpses of my past, my family & friends, and my travels. Enjoy a rich stew of moments, ideas and observations from my everyday life, with just a pinch of randomness thrown in for seasoning. I hope you enjoy it!

Moosehead Stew will update Monday, Wednesday and Friday for now, but I hope to see how things go balancing this with my other comic, Weregeek. If all goes well, I hope to have Moosehead Stew run 5 days a week!

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