Magic City

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What is Magic City? It is humor, it is drama, it is hope, it is despair, it is normal, it is weird, it is under-standable, and it is unintelligible. It is a town growing into a city, trying to find its identity. This may or may not capture that correctly nor will it attempt to do so. If it does, then all the better. Magic City is an idea sprung from the mind of one Greg Thelen. He lives in the Magic City better known to the rest of the world as Billings, Montana, U.S.A. This takes place in that town-growing-into-a-city, and it is not bound by any rules or restrictions other than what comes out of its creators' minds and hands. One story will be funny, the next will be sad, the next will leave you scratching your head, the next will give you an inexplicable emotion. Whatever may happen from here on out, we hope you will be entertained, and that you will come back for more.


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