Chain of Descent

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Throughout history, there have been people gifted with unique abilities. In the past, some have been accused of witchcraft and have suffered due to their powers. Before then, in the ancient world, such people were viewed as heroes and even worshipped as demigods.

In modern times, however, most of these Empowered individuals have opted to keep a low profile, hiding their abilities from the public and each other. For years, they have been able to hide in plain sight, living amongst the normal population without incident. This has served them well for some time, but now they face a new challenge.

Timothy Skye, one of the Empowered, and a wealthy businessman, was entrusted with a list containing names of others like himself. Two years ago, he realized that several names on the list had recently been killed, and began a search for the remaining members in order to protect them. He left behind his son, Daniel, to oversee construction of a facility that could shelter them from attack. As Timothy gathered members of the families on the list, he sent a few back to his son to help in establishing the new facility where they could train in the use of their abilities: Bridget, an even-tempered Geo-Magus warrior; Rachel, a Pyrokinetic who redefines the word "Firepower"; and Travis, a modestly Empowered young man with an enormous scientific brilliance.

The majority of those Timothy recruited he kept with himself in order to help speed along the search. A few months ago, though, Timothy and his group were discovered in the hold of the large cargo ship he had been using as a mobile base, massacred.

Now all that is left of the list which included hundreds of names is a group of four young heroes determined to find out who has killed off their colleagues, and rescue any others of the Empowered they may encounter.

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