Bricks of the Dead

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The most pressing issue facing the world today is the ever-present danger of a pestilent horde of the walking dead devouring every man, woman, and child in their path. Thus, it is our job to do everything in our power to prepare for the inevitable plague of zombies that will no doubt wreak havoc on civilization. As a longstanding member of the human race, I thought it was important to do my part.

But what could one single, rakishly handsome man like me do? Why, create a zombie comic book to entertain and inform the public of exactly what they should do when the zombies show up at their doors. Unfortunately, I have absolutely zero artistic ability. Since being able to draw reasonably well is generally a prerequisite when it comes to making comics, I was out of luck.

Or so I thought until I stumbled upon my first LEGO® Comic, Adventures of S-Team. After this epiphany I ran to my parents' basement (after a lengthy drive to their house) and unearthed my lost bin full of LEGO® and started concocting a story.

This is the result of my endeavors.

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