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Peeling Onions is an auto-bio webcomic; updating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Lezley has never been able to decide between art and writing and decided that she just wasn’t going to decide. Ever. Children’s books seemed to be the logical choice and for many years Lezley struggled, chore-like, trying to wedge her way into children’s literature.

Loris Lesysnki took pity, and said helpful and aggravating things like, “your brain is not your friend in children’s writing” and “you don’t write for kids”. Lezley hated Loris with the passion of a thousand fiery suns – for about three days, and then got over it and realized that Loris had a point and perhaps it was time to look around for more. Peeling Onions was born in August 2008 as an experiment in drawing a strip a day. It has evolved into an online comic journal of Lezley’s life with as little cover-up and as much self-awareness as is possible at the time.

Lezley is thrilled at the opportunities available in producing comics for adults; foul language, smut and nudity – oooh, mature content! Joy. Bliss. Creative fulfillment.

Her first volume of strips was collected and printed in July 2009.

Come, peel the onion again.

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