Nature Of Nature's Art

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4.5 billion years ago, when the Earth was still new, a mars-sized object intercepted the planet's stately path through the vacuum of space with a marvelous collision. This momentous occasion destroyed the projectile and sheared the top layer of the planet off into orbit. What debris did not fall back towards the core suspended itself in a stasis, as if the world were wreathed in a cloud of thought. The gravity of this very particulate eventually drew its own pieces together to form our moon.

In the story you are about to read, this event has never happened.

Not much has changed. Our countries, our society, our civilization; they were unstoppable. But the world is long overdue for a catastrophe. And as the capable hands of homo sapiens sapiens wring the secrets from the clutches of the natural world, another force stirs. Something primal, something powerful. A civilization in labor, bristling with the adolescent humanity of those outside the scope of history. Those who are not yet privy to the title "man", and brandish it anyway: the animals.

What anomaly expedites their headlong rush into sapience? And what web does it reticulate from the nature of their art?

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