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Nuzlocke is a comic based on one man's runs through a series of Pokémon games, but with a twist: He must release every pokémon that faints, and he can only catch the very first one that appears in each area; if it's a duplicate of one he already has or he accidentally knocks it out them's the breaks.

It's a great way to make the Pokémon series fresh again, and it forces him to use some pokémon he never would otherwise, and as a result he forms close bonds with them and when one of them dies it's a pretty big deal.

The comic was originally stick-figures and started as a series of posts on 4chan, but as it went on it started being closer to a traditional webcomic, with smaller and more frequent updates, and the art style became much more detailed; so if the style of the first few comics isn't your thing but you like the idea, you should definitely still give it a shot.

Also, there are a lot of references to Lost throughout the comic, so if you're a fan of the show you'll definitely get a kick out of those, too.

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