Bureau of Mana Investigation

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Magic slowly returned to Nivarria after a millennium of nonexistence. Finding themselves in the hub of magical activity, the Mega-Shammark city police formed two special departments to deal with the rise in magic-related crimes: the Mana Police and their detectives, the Bureau of Mana Investigation.

After a failed demon gun bust, Lt. Amark Buttercup’s day went from bad to worse when his girlfriend, Holly Anders, walked out on him. Holly, however is hiding a secret; she helps smuggle demons into Nivarria. Now, Amark is trying to find a way to reconcile with her, not realizing that she has been possessed by the very demon that had slipped from his grasp during the raid the day before.

Magical action and adventure from the popular Furrlough team of Christina “Smudge” Hanson and Ed Garcia!

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