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8:1 (Eight to One) is a graphic novel series following Charles and Mary, a couple of urban twenty-something slackers. They lean against walls and make snide comments on the world passing them by, until Lori, a sincere blonde girl from out of town, stumbles into their small world.

8:1 started as a weekly strip in a college newspaper and debuted on the web on KeenSpace (now ComicGenesis) with page-at-a- time updates. In October 2010 it was moved to a new server with an irregular update schedule where chunks of pages were published at a time, much like a physical comic book. This format served the story better, giving readers the whole episode at once instead of expecting them to wait at as the story unfolded at a snail's pace.

It takes place in Chicago around the middle of the aughts. It is completely fictional, as are its characters.

The comic was named by Jason Han, suggesting a feeling of always being outnumbered. 8:1 is not an emoticon, nor is it a hockey score.

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