Devil's Shine

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Categories: genre:sci-fi:post-apocalyptic genre:horror genre:weird topic:glbt advisory:Web NC-17 advisory:violence advisory:nudity advisory:profanity advisory:nsfw archetype:angels and demons art:manga style format:episodic

After nearly three thousand years of peace, Heaven and Hell have gotten complacent. Demons that once spent every moment tempting human souls into hell, and angels that once spent every moment trying to save those souls, now spend most of their time indolent and squabbling with each other over their places in the infernal or holy hierarchies. So it's no surprise that, when a strange human appears with a declaration of war against both sides -- and the power to back that challenge -- the heavenly and infernal hosts are taken aback.

Instead of combining their forces, both sides send out spies to try to determine this human's true plans. By the time they discover their mistake, will it be too late?

MATURE CONTENT; BL/YAOI, het, violence, gore, and more. This comic is really f'ed-up, sorry. :c (Well, most of it's about demons, what do you expect?)

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