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Anthony Adler was born in 1867. He is a descendant of a family of bakers. That’s right. People who make bread.

Anthony spent his young life rebelling the ways of bread since he became 8 years of age, when his father died. His mother came into a sum of money after the death and they moved from England to the USA, New York City, where his father always dreamed of going.

Unfortunately, the move to another country and managing a business led them to living a meager life. Anthony spent most of his time with his friend Rourke, running around New York and getting into trouble.

One day, in the winter of 1891, something miraculous happened and Anthony was transported to Austin Texas, over a century in the future! He ran into Sammy and Marie, two girls trying to start a business as paranormal investigators. Marie believes him to be a relative of hers so she and Sammy take him in. He stays with the girls and works with them in their suddenly booming business, in hopes of turning a new leaf and surviving in this peculiar new world.

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